Perfect abs workout - waistline tracker

Perfect abs workout - waistline tracker

By mEL Studio

Perfect abs workout - waistline trackerPerfect abs workout - waistline trackerPerfect abs workout - waistline trackerPerfect abs workout - waistline trackerPerfect abs workout - waistline tracker

Perfect abs workout plan - we've collected the most effective and time-tested workouts for males and for ladies to make abdominals strong. Just comply with all the directions of our virtual teacher, do waist workout routines, carry out abdomen fat burning exercise and make your waistline slim.

If you're a busy individual and haven't got time to attend the gym, if there are solely 15 free minutes a day - our app is good for you. Core muscle exercise is not going to take more! We take as a basis the scientific strategy of HIIT: high - interval, intensive training, so during belly fat exercise the human pulse fluctuates between 110 and 150 beats per minute and the shock load on the muscle tissue of the body is given, which also develops endurance and power.

3 training programs

Waistline tracker will make slim waist very quick and abdominals strong! We've developed a particular training plan for excellent abs exercise for ladies and for males and divided it into 3 continuing packages. All core muscle exercise is designed in such a means that they do not require any further gear.

The primary program accommodates 21 coaching classes with rising ranges of complexity - do abdomen workout for ladies and trim your waistline.

? Daily program. In simply 7 minutes a day, you not only make stomach exercises but in addition create a stable habit for regular sports.

An advanced program of increased complexity is designed for those who want to have iron abs in 30 days and really strong belly muscle tissue.

40 workouts with detailed instructions

Abs workout for men and for women have by no means been so simple and efficient. A lovely and slim waist coaching exercise requires a reliable and correct efficiency of the technique. All stomach fat reduction workout routines for core muscles are provided with detailed audio feedback, video instructions and textual content descriptions.


To make core muscle train at residence more interesting, we came up with a system of achievements and awards, which is in a position to deliver pleasure and selection to the daily abs exercise plan. Get a flatter stomach and enjoy the process with the waistline tracker!

Power Check System

Do you need to make 300 sit-ups in a time? In addition to the stomach fats burning exercise at house, we make an element of competitors into our app. Set the records for the variety of twists in time and watch your progress for the week, for the month and for the entire time of coaching. Your reward for normal coaching will be a flat abdomen and waist in 30 days.

Detailed statistics

In order to trace your statistics and progress, you can often record changes to your parameters - waist, hip, weight, and add your photos. Perfect abs in 30 days is a really real aim. Simply perform a specially designed training plan, track burned energy and move to the specified goals.

Tips and Tricks

Come into the abs workout pal every day and discover new suggestions and concepts. For instance, the means to do abs workout routines for smaller waist, the way to keep the shape, primary core muscle abdomen workout rules, as well as advice on waistline workout, on building the health and much more.

Functionality of the applying:

✔️ 3 packages and fifty six completely different stomach workout for ladies to have the ability to tone your abs in 30 days;

✔️ The alternative to create your individual waist workout routines and classes;

✔️ Notification system;

✔️ Configure exercises as you want - set ready, work and preparation time;

✔️ 40 workouts with detailed descriptions;

✔️ 5 charts: training time, burned calories, results on twists, weight modifications, and parameters;

✔️ Support and motivation throughout all waist exercise from a personal digital instructor

Good luck!

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