Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation

Meditopia: Sleep, Meditation

By Meditopia

Meditopia: Sleep, MeditationMeditopia: Sleep, MeditationMeditopia: Sleep, MeditationMeditopia: Sleep, MeditationMeditopia: Sleep, Meditation

A meditation app that touches your soul…

Meditopia is the main app that lets you get calm, scale back stress, sleep well, love, find peace and begin a deep discovery within your self. You can create a space for yourself in life and discover the happiness within.

You can take heed to 250 meditation classes with high quality audio in each English and Spanish. You can learn to meditate, hear music to chill out with nature sounds, use the timer to meditate and focus on different subjects with specialised applications.

Topics are:


Foundations 1-2

Body Awareness

Release stress

Sleep well





Start Now which includes on the go meditations:



Small Break




After work


Tension relief


In addition to meditation sessions, you need to use Timer option to meditate without steering with completely different background music choices. Also, you'll be able to favourite your best meditations, download and hearken to them OFFLINE!

Our goal is to unfold meditation all around the globe and make meditation affordable! Therefore Meditopia COSTS FAR LESS THAN OTHER APPS!

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