Transport City: Truck Tycoon

Transport City: Truck Tycoon


Transport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck TycoonTransport City: Truck Tycoon

Are you able to run your Transport City and turn into a Truck Tycoon!?


✔️ Based on Real-World Supply Chain Logistic System

– Completing missions with different kinds of Trucks on this fun simulation game

✔️ Easy to play!

– Simple management and operation, suitable for all kinds of participant experience

– All you need is “Tap” – Tap to collect, Tap to deliver, Tap to Build, and Tap to…

✔️ “YOU” Are The Key Element of This Game

– Will you discover your way of enjoying the game!? Earn Money, Upgrade, Create your personal Transport City

✔️ Over 20 Familiar Trucks in Your Transport City

– Collect your favourite trucks, improve them and reach their full transport potential

✔️ New Cities and Buildings are Waiting for You to Unlock

– You can construct a collection of well-known chain stores in your Transport City

✔️ Drivers are The Important Components apart from Vehicles

– Hire recognizable drivers to work in your transport city. Do you understand who they are!?


Farm Truck – Collect Produce Livestock

Pickup Truck – Collect Raw Material ?

Construction Truck – Build Factories, Chain Stores Residence

Cargo Truck – Deliver Goods to Stores ?

Fire Truck – Carry Equipment for the Firefighting Operation ?

We Bring Adventure to Life!

This is a Casual and Simulation Tycoon Game

⏱️ Training your time administration skill

Showing you a circular logistic chain in the actual world

Hope you could having enjoyable and pleasure in Transport City: Truck Tycoon

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Download and Play Now and Have Fun!⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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