Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators

By Bishinews

Financial CalculatorsFinancial CalculatorsFinancial CalculatorsFinancial CalculatorsFinancial Calculators

For phone and tablet, this utility contains the entire package of financial calculators by Bishinews:

Finance and Investment Calculators

* TVM Calculator

* Currency Converter

* Compound Interest Calculator

* Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator

* IRR NPV Calculator

* MIRR Calculator

* Bond Calculator

* Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator

* Rule of 72 Calculator

Loan/Mortgage Calculators

* Loan/Mortgage Calculator

* Loan Comparison Calculator

* Loan Refinance Calculator

* APR Calculator

* APR Advanced Calculator

* Commercial Loan Calculator

* Simple Loan Calculator

* Loan Analysis Calculator

* Home Affordability Calculator

* Rent vs Buy Calculator

* Mortgage Tax Saving Calculator

* Discount Points Calculator

* Adjustable Rate Calculator

* Fixed vs Adjustable Rate Calculator

* Bi-weekly Payment Calculator

* Interest Only Calculator

Retirement Calculators

* Retirement Planner

* 401k Contribution Calculator

* Retirement Calculator

* Retirement Savings Analysis

* Retirement Income Analysis

* Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

* Required Minimum Distribution

* Social Security Estimator

* Asset Allocation Calculator

* 401k Save the Max Calculator

* College Savings Calculator

Stock Calculators

* Stock Return Calculator

* Stock Constant Growth Calculator

* Stock Non-constant Growth Calculator

* CAPM Calculator

* Expected Return Calculator

* Holding Period Return Calculator

* Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculator

* Pivot Point Calculator

* Fibonacci Calculator

* Black-Scholes Option Calculator

Credit Card Calculators

* Credit Card Payoff Calculator

* Credit Card Minimum Calculator

Auto Loan and Lease Calculators

* Auto Loan Calculator

* Auto Lease Calculator

Miscellaneous Calculators

* Regular Calculator

* Tip Calculator

* Discount and Tax Calculator

* Percentage Calculator

* Date Calculator

* Unit Conversion

* US Inflation Calculator

* Margin and Markup Calculator

* Fuel Calculator

* Salary Increase Calculator

* US Paycheck Tax Calculator

* US Health Savings Account Calculator

* Net Distribution Calculator

* Effective Rate Calculator

* Mutual Fund Fee Calculator

* Unit Price Compare Calculator

* Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis

* Financial Ratios

* US Interest Rate

* US Mortgage Rate

* Commodities and Futures

User can ship the calculation outcomes to others by way of Email. Financial Professionals can email the quote to their clients.

The app lets you edit and prioritize the record of calculators for simple access.

Only Currency Converter needs internet entry to retrieve the most recent forex exchange rate. The app works with out internet connection.

100% FREE – full options, no hidden charges or in-app purchases

This app does not request any permission.

Please ship question and suggestion to us at [email protected] We actively support customers.

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