MCP Mayan Tzolkin

MCP Mayan Tzolkin


MCP Mayan TzolkinMCP Mayan Tzolkin

PLEASE NOTE: This app relies on the traditional rely by the Mayan Elders and it is NOT associated to the Dreamspell/13 moon Calendar which is a twentieth century invention not acknowledged by the Maya.

We built this app to allow you to attach with the energies of the sacred Tzolkin calendar—perhaps the most well known of all the Mayan calendars—and to understand the that means of the Tzolk’in’s important constructing blocks—namely, the day indicators and the numbers.

What’s so special about the MCP Mayan Tzolkin? Two things:

Typically, other Mayan Calendar apps define the Tzolkin’s twenty day indicators and the thirteen numbers individually, and use these descriptions instead of the daily energies, which isn't the way the Mayan Calendar was meant to be practiced. To our data there aren't any compilations of the 260 daily energies that integrate the meaning of each day sign with the that means of the number that accompanies it. This is important, for the numbers do in reality influence the day signs, and change the power and energy of every specific day—for instance, 2 Lamat just isn't the identical as 11 Lamat.

For the first time, the complete sequence of those energies is now out there of their full type, and on a cellular platform—260 distinctive day by day energies finely tuned to the realities of contemporary day life.

In addition, whereas other apps generally take their day signal, quantity and “energy of the day” descriptions from various non-Maya sources, the “Energies of the Day” in our app are based mostly on authentic interpretations and practices of the Tzolkin which have been made out there to us by the Maya of the Guatemalan highlands.

MCP Mayan Tzolkin features:

• Complete set of the 260 “Energies of the Day,” each one meticulously interpreted for the context of modern-day life, considering not only the meaning of the day sign but also every accompanying number and the general context of the present Trecena

• Sophisticated, fantastically rendered glyph, quantity and deity graphics

• The well-known Mayan Calendar Portal Tzolkin calendar rings, in full dynamic, interactive mode

• Explanation of the nature, meaning and purpose of the sacred Tzolk’in, together with listings of the 20 day signs and 13 numbers in both Yucatec and K’iche’ Maya

• A calculator to convert Gregorian (Western) dates into Tzolkin dates

• Full descriptions of the 20 sacred day signs and the 13 numbers, based on the traditions of the Maya of Guatemala

• Full descriptions of the 13 deities associated with the 13 numbers


Since ancient occasions, the Maya have used the 260-day Tzolkin as their personal astrological calendar. Incredibly accurate regardless of tradition, race, gender, religion, or ethnicity, the Tzolkin stays, to today, profoundly relevant to the human experience, and to our fashionable lives and lifestyles particularly.

Unlike the Long Count calendar whose present cycle ends on 12.31.2012, and whose unique usage and which means has been fully overrun by well-liked notions of doomsday eventualities, the sacred Tzolk’in is a deeply personal astrological calendar.

Check out a few of reward for our daily energy posts from our Facebook web page since the very first day:

~ THANK YOU! You communicate right from the bottom of my soul. This is precisely what I've been going via these days...

~ Thank you so much for the perception. I at all times start my day here :)

~ Wow, the sync that this post has at present with me, is utterly related to my state of affairs. I really take pleasure in your posts MCP … that is wonderful info!

~ This is so accurate it is scary some days... and I do not imagine in zodiac and horoscopes and stuff like that normally.

~ I obtained chills studying this… one thing is VERY on point here...

~ I would similar to to say thank you for the trouble and vitality that you extend to putting these energies together for our benefit at this cycle in time of our existence.

The Mayan Calendar Portal and all of its properties, together with the MCP Mayan Tzolkin cellular utility, are produced by LUCITÀ Inc.

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