Little Panda #39;s Sports Champion

Little Panda #39;s Sports Champion

By BabyBus

Little Panda #39;s Sports ChampionLittle Panda #39;s Sports ChampionLittle Panda #39;s Sports ChampionLittle Panda #39;s Sports ChampionLittle Panda #39;s Sports Champion

Grand sports activities sport starts! Are you ready for exciting sports? There are pitching, taking pictures, obstacles racing, and other sports activities occasions. There are also little animals you want, similar to kangaroos, bears, and squirrels. Participate in the sports activities game and you can compete with them!

Challenge each level of competition. Win the game and you will be the sports champion!

Pitching and shooting

Aim on the cave hole and make a pleasant shot! You made it! Perfect movement! Hit magic potion and rainbow cave to attain extra shots! Watch out for mushrooms. They can pop balls out of caves. There are also cave holes that may shut. Join competitors with little bears. Who will be the sports activities champion?

Climbing and running

Compete with little squirrels in climbing. Don’t be hit by falling stones! Run with little kangaroos, leap over obstacles, and make it to the end line. Be careful not to hit rocks. Little kangaroos are coming after you. You should hurry up!

Fruit catching competition

A bunch of grapes! Two bananas! And a pile of blueberries! Left and right, correct control of the basket wins you more fruits. Here comes stones and do not get hit! The wind blows fruits away. Collect fruits into the basket and don't let gorillas take them.

Find your favorite sports and animals here! Come on! Win the game and turn into the sports activities champion. You are the best!

Product features:

-5 sports activities events: pitching, shooting, racing and more!

-25 phases can be found for you!

-Competitors in varied costumes!

-Game issue increases with each degree up!

-Time restrict makes the sports recreation more interesting!

-Real competitors where you'll have the ability to play a wide range of sports activities events!

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