Learn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese Character

Learn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese Character

By Te.f.E MobileSoft

Learn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese CharacterLearn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese CharacterLearn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese CharacterLearn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese CharacterLearn Japanese Alphabet Easily- Japanese Character


Welcome to learning Japanese Alphabet (Script, Syllable, Symbol, Letters, Characters, abc, Kana )

Application teach you to read and write Japanese Alphabet (Kana) . If you want to learn Japanese the very first thing you have to know is alphabet (script, syllable, symbols, letters, characters, abc, kana) fluently. Hiragana and Katakana

This utility makes straightforward for beginner to memorize the Japanese alphabet (memorize Kana).

The utility is a great reference for the symbols , script, letters, characters and will allow you to to memorize the alphabet easily.


⚫ Play Quizzes Game: test, verify your knowledge

⚫ Flashcards

⚫ How to pronounce the alphabet

⚫ Very simple , straightforward to use

⚫ How to put in writing the alphabet

⚫ Japanese numeral, Japanese number

⚫ Japanese date and time

⚫ Japanese handwriting cursive

⚫ Find the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

⚫ Recorded by a local speaker

⚫ High quality audio

⚫ Contain voice for each letters

⚫ Copy to clipboard by lengthy click

If you want app, give us 5 stars.

Enjoy the fun!

After using our app, you'll find a way to:

✴ Memorize Japanese alphabet easily

✴ Learn Japanese symbols easily

✴ Pronounce Japanese letters

✴ Study Japanese alphabet characters

✴ Read Japanese script

✴ Write Japanese syllable

✴ Remember Japanese abc, language

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