Spanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugations

Spanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugations

By Pawel Petruch

Spanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugationsSpanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugationsSpanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugationsSpanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugationsSpanish Verb Trainer: Learn verb conjugations

Our Spanish Verb Trainer app makes the process of learning and revising Spanish conjugations easy and nice. The app makes use of all of the sixteen Spanish tenses. You can specifically choose the verbs you need to study (for a coming exam, for travelling etc).

There is a vast number of prepared workout routines which allow to exploit a few of the patterns in conjugations i.e. stem changing e-ie, u-ue, e-i and so forth.

The app is ideal for studying Spanish language and increasing your vocabulary each time you have a spare minute.

Create a new train or duplicate and edit an present one. Select the verbs and tenses you wish to practice.

Group different workouts together right into a coaching group for more flexibility and fun.


- easy and intuitive person interface

- works off line

- notifications to remind you about practicing

- flexible system of exercises

- exercises prepared by professionals i.e. stem altering verbs, regular or irregular verbs

- virtually seven hundred verbs (and still growing)

- record of verbs to revise

- pronunciation of verbs

- all tenses and moods

- 3 answer modes: faucet (flash card mode), kind in and multi choice (quiz mode)

- straightforward to browse and search dictionary with all the verbs and conjugations

- all of the tenses described and explained

Premium model:

- offers entry to all the exercises

- shows your help and appreciation for the app

Please contact us whenever you may have a question :)

conjugamos, conjugemos

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