Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

By - Елена Шипилова. Иностранные языки.

Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®Greek in 7 lessons. SpeakASAP®

Elena Shipilova presents a free Greek language course in 7 classes, which can assist you to increase your Greek from absolute zero to the level of regular communication on basic topics.

The program is presented by the site: gr

The course is for beginners and therefore is built merely, logically, structured and concise.

Only the basic grammar of the Greek language, which is most often used, was included within the course.

The course consists of the next topics:

1. The verb to be.

2. Verbs have and do.

3. Verb conjugation.

4. Conjugation of verbs of G1 and G2 groups.

5. Past tense.

6. Future tense

7. Modal verbs: I can, I need, I should.

The course additionally contains 4 additional subjects that you can see in the Greek grammar part of our website:

1. Reading rules

2. Numerals

3. Conversational formulation: good afternoon, sorry, unusual, after all, maybe, and so forth.

4. Past tense Aorist. Table of compound verbs

The entire course is voiced by each Elena Shipilova and a local speaker, so that you just get used to the right sound of the Greek language from the first minutes.

Normal comprehensible explanations are given, which lets you hearken to our course on the road at any time.

Do not fear if at first Greek speech seems to be a set of sounds to you - when listening to the course a number of times again, the pronunciation won't appear so tough and you can simply repeat the phrases and phrases after the speaker .

All exercises are constructed inside the framework of the subject of the lesson being analyzed with a useful and working vocabulary. All answers are voiced.

Well, if something is troublesome, just write us an email from the applying. Or depart a query on the lesson web page on our web site


Program options:

- the total model of the free Greek course language in 7 lessons

- interactive exercises to test knowledge and consolidate the material

- audio supplies with explanations of classes and exercises

- video materials with explanations of lessons (internet connection required)

- quick hyperlink to the SpeakASAP website

- fast creation of a letter to the SpeakASAP® assist team

- all materials (except Video- section) are in your gadget and do not require an Internet connection to make use of.


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We shall be glad to obtain any feedback, feedback from you and provides to the handle: [email protected]


Install! Learn for fun!

For extra data, visit the net site

Course author Elena Shipilova and the SpeakASAP® staff.

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