English Grammar Advanced

English Grammar Advanced

By rjtech

English Grammar AdvancedEnglish Grammar AdvancedEnglish Grammar AdvancedEnglish Grammar AdvancedEnglish Grammar Advanced

1. Basic English Grammar Topics and Tests

- Basic terms like noun, pronoun, adjective, verbs, adverbs, and so forth.

- Tenses : Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense, Present Perfect Tense, Simple Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense, Past Perfect Tense, Future Tense, etc.

- How to use Do, Does, Did

- How to make use of Be, Being, Been

- How to Use Wh Questions like Why, How, What, Which, Whose, Where

- difference between Who and Whom

- difference between What and Which

- difference between This and That / These and Those

- distinction between Much and Many

- distinction amongst In, At, and On

- Type of Degrees of comparability or Use of Degrees of comparison

- How to make use of Question Tags and Question Tags Rules

- distinction between Should and Could and Would

- difference between May and Might

2. Advanced English Grammar Topics and Tests (Quiz)

- distinction between Between and Among

- distinction between Beside and Besides

- distinction between Since and For

- distinction between Until and Unless

- difference between So and Such

- distinction between Some and Any

- Use of Used to

- Use of However

- Use of Having, Use of Having Said That, Use of Having To

- Use of word The Hell

3. Basic and Advance English dialogues

4. Most used Phrasal Verbs like Pick Up, Hang Out, Break Down, Look Forward, Take Off, Take On, Take Over, Get By, Get Across and many extra useful Phrasal Verbs.

5. List of opposites, words in pair, proverbs, etc.

6. Grammar exams collections for checking your grammar skill.

7. Random exercises for fundamental and advance English grammar topics.

8. Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, GRE.

9. Too many examples of all the fundamental and advanced English studying and speaking

10. Learn English shortly by highlighted factors.

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