Ultimate Phonics Reading App

Ultimate Phonics Reading App

By Spencer Learning

Ultimate Phonics Reading AppUltimate Phonics Reading AppUltimate Phonics Reading AppUltimate Phonics Reading App

This app is a must-try for fogeys, lecturers, and tutors who train reading to students of any age. It can additionally be excellent for self-study to improve reading and English pronunciation.

Ultimate Phonics is useful in any scenario the place reading is taught:

* Beginning Readers

Did you understand that many children never become good readers? Reading is crucial talent for training and success. If you've younger youngsters first studying to learn, you can provide them the gift that lasts a lifetime by instructing them with Ultimate Phonics. Just an hour per week could make a huge improvement in their studying ability.

* Struggling Readers

Do you could have youngsters or college students who guess and skip after they read? Did you know that word guessing causes poor studying comprehension and horrible spelling? Relying on phrase guessing prevents students from turning into good readers and cripples their schooling.

A good reader reads by rapidly and accurately sounding out new phrases. That is precisely what Ultimate Phonics teaches. It develops your students into extra accurate, fluent readers with good reading comprehension.

* Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham

Ultimate Phonics may be very efficient for instructing dyslexics to read. The app can be utilized both by itself or as a supplement for Orton-Gillingham packages or different packages designed to overcome dyslexia.

If you are an Orton-Gillingham trainer, you'll love this app. It has wonderful word lists and decodable sentences, all damaged down and sounded out. The app additionally has a Find feature that lets you look up lessons matching any phonogram in a matter of seconds. This app is a superb supplement to any Orton-Gillingham program and is assured to turn out to be a useful gizmo in your teaching toolkit.

* Adult Literacy

Adult learners love the design of the program as a outcome of it teaches them to learn clearly and instantly, without insulting them. And tutors love Ultimate Phonics as a result of it is simple to use and produces nice results. Try it for your self and see why Ultimate Phonics is a vital teaching device for any grownup literacy state of affairs.

* ESL and English Pronunciation

ESL (English as a Second Language) students need to be taught to learn English on the identical time they are learning to talk it. Ultimate Phonics effectively improves reading, spelling, and pronunciation for ESL college students of all ages.

If you're a pupil learning English, you should use Ultimate Phonics to assist with each your reading and your pronunciation. The app breaks down 1000's of phrases and sentences by their individual speech sounds, so you be taught intimately how to pronounce phrases more precisely.


The complete program consists of more than 4,four hundred phrases and 2,one hundred sentences organized into 262 classes. The lessons are grouped into 12 levels, teaching the entire phonics system of English.

You get the first level (lessons 1 to 50) at no cost. You have the choice of purchasing additional levels one by one or buying all the degrees at once at a reduction.

Here is a summary of the subjects in every stage:

* LEVEL 1 (Lessons 1 to 50)

Simple phrases with short vowels, single consonants, and consonant blends.

* LEVEL 2 (Lessons fifty one to 80)

Consonant digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh, ck), qu, x, ng and nk patterns, and doubled consonants.

* LEVEL 3 (Lessons 81 to 106)

Vowel digraphs (ee, ea, oo, ai, ay, oa, ou, ow, aw, au, oy, oi).

* LEVEL 4 (Lessons 107 to 124)

Endings (s, es, ed, ing, ful), apostrophes and extra.

* LEVEL 5 (Lessons one hundred twenty five to 147)

Syllables, compound words, and multi-syllable words.

* LEVEL 6 (Lessons 148 to 155)

Soft c and g patterns.

* LEVEL 7 (Lessons 156 to 171)

Long vowels in magic e syllables.

* LEVEL 8 (Lessons 172 to 183)

Long vowels in open syllables.

* LEVEL 9 (Lessons 184 to 209)

22 more long vowel patterns.

* LEVEL 10 (Lessons 210 to 225)

R-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur, and more).

* LEVEL eleven (Lessons 226 to 239)

13 more short vowel patterns.

* LEVEL 12 (Lessons 240 to 262)

Silent letters and superior patterns.

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