Wordbook - Make your own vocabulary

Wordbook - Make your own vocabulary

By HSA apps

Wordbook - Make your own vocabularyWordbook - Make your own vocabularyWordbook - Make your own vocabularyWordbook - Make your own vocabularyWordbook - Make your own vocabulary

Essential when learning words!

It's a vocabulary app that helps you research phrases..

Study and memorize words much easier!

- Vocabulary I Make

You can make a incorrect notice by amassing solely the wrong words.

You can even acquire all the words you are learning right now and make your personal wordbook.

- Efficient Word Memorization

Self-check to memorize this word by masking words or meanings.

- Take Quiz

If you have memorized some words, strive the word quiz!

(Flash card, Match spelling)

- Review on the firstscreen

Every time you turn on your telephone, you can review the phrases on the primary display screen..

Every time I see it, it pops in my head.

- Widget support

Also helps word widgets.

Now study simply and fun with Wordbook

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