Table Challenge

Table Challenge

By Christophe Auclair

Table ChallengeTable ChallengeTable ChallengeTable ChallengeTable Challenge

Défi Tables is revealed by the Dijon Academy.

Type: Exerciser

Cycle involved: cycle 3

Base space: 4

Targeted talent: Calculate - Practicing psychological calculation and automated calculation

Description: Défi Tables is an exerciser on the multiplication tables from 2 to thirteen.

Tables Challenge has two recreation modes:


Three exercises are available

- Classic training

- Target number

- Table dominoes

Each exercise may be configured (choice of tables, sort of calculations, and, relying on response time or degree of problem.

At the top of each train, a report is displayed (score solely or score and ranking on the tables, whatever the pace of response).

According to the scores obtained, badges may be unlocked, to encourage progress and encourage the participant...


Three workouts are available

- Challenge Mode

- Duel Mode

- Lost In Space

The workout routines are carried out in pairs, in shared mode, within the type of a challenge: to win against your opponent, you have to reply sooner (and more accurately!) than him. At the end of the train, a abstract of the solutions given, with correction if essential, is displayed.

Monitoring of learning:

It is feasible (but not compulsory) to create create a consumer account in Défi Tables. In this case, the data of each solo mode exercise, carried out with this account, is out there. It is feasible to see a report or the small print of every train.

If Défi Tables is used with out an account, badge administration just isn't active.


Défi Tables can be used during a course session, as a coaching software permitting the differentiation of the work carried out.

Défi Tables can be utilized in Personalized Accompaniment of different methods:

- As a coaching tool, to consolidate/reinforce acquired knowledge, allowing the differentiation of the work carried out (tables used, response time, direct or blank calculations, and so forth.);

- As a competition tool to measure yourself against one other scholar, through Challenge and Duel modes: championship with round of sixteen, quarter-finals, etc., with the entire group, or by group depending on the extent, with for example a show of the ranking of the week in the room.

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