PalFish Chinese

PalFish Chinese

By Palfish

PalFish ChinesePalFish ChinesePalFish ChinesePalFish ChinesePalFish Chinese

What you may get from PalFish Chinese?

* 100 selected image books.

* Certified leveled reading system applicable for everybody.

* Intonation support that helps you type out all the Pin Yin problems.

* Multimediawidgets guaranteeing animmersiveexperience.

* Visualized show that makes studying simpler.

* Customized Chinese learning plan so that you just can learn learn every day.

⭐️ Download and begin the BEST Chinese learning experience Today!

High-quality Chinese image books

You can entry 100 high-quality genuine Chinese image books from well-known publishers. The greatest on-line studying expertise guaranteed!

Leveled studying system

Our honored leveled reading system designed by professional teaching research team divides all image books into 26 studying ranges, sensible for learners at all levels.


YoumayfindChinesecharactershardtorecognize!Butdon'tworry!Weadoptthebestillustratedpicturebooks,tominimizeany learningobstacles.

✅ Intonationsupport

ā...á...ǎ...à... Sounds the same? Chinese is a tone language. We've sorted out all the Pin Yin problems and marked every thing on the APP! You can converse similar to locals!

✍️ ImmersiveReading

PalFish Chinese ensures an immersive expertise. The multimedia widgets can facilitate you to learn and purchase.

❤️ Easy to start

With our customized studying plan, you can start anywhere at anytime. Learn with Fun!

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