Poly Path

Poly Path

By Codebrew Games

Poly PathPoly PathPoly PathPoly PathPoly Path

Poly Path is a game of focus and a spotlight. Guide your little guys down the right path!

Challenge your multi-tasking skills in this enjoyable puzzle! Route the quirky colorful dots to their appropriate color by tapping the monitor to change the turns. Play sensible and focus to earn rewards! It's a easy tapping game to be taught, but troublesome to master. The paths get loopy as levels get harder!

Free to download and expertise the unique gameplay. A enjoyable recreation for when you're bored - decide up and play to challenge your mind. No wifi or web required for enjoying - play offline if you like!

• Over one hundred unique, hand-crafted ranges to master

• Simple but challending, addictive gameplay

• Collect stars based on your performance

• Unlock rewards with your stars

• Clean, crisp graphics

• Cute characters to follow your path

• Simple contact controls

For related gameplay with an animal twist, take a glance at Animal Trail! https://goo.gl/woRqaO


Tap the path intersections to toggle the path of the fork. Train your fingers and multi tasking expertise to succeed!

Start your path today!

Audio by Scott Hitchon: http://www.scotthitchon.com/

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