SaNa Fischerprüfung Lexicon

SaNa Fischerprüfung Lexicon

By Sichtwerk AG

SaNa Fischerprüfung LexiconSaNa Fischerprüfung LexiconSaNa Fischerprüfung Lexicon

◉ official (German-language) learning help for the SaNa ID card and the Swiss Sportfischer Brevet

◉ the right exam preparation for prospective fishermen

◉ complete reference work with the required primary data and studying aims

◉ Compact learning program with success management

◉ Learning mode with a hundred and fifty questions in German

◉ Examination mode with 70 questions (German) and random quantity generator

◉ by Fishermen for fishermen

The reference work accommodates:

◉ Portraits of native fish together with endangered and protected species and crabs

◉ The most important fishing approach in phrases and pictures

◉ Fair catch and sensible use

◉ Modern hydrology and modern water protection

◉ The most threatening fish diseases, defined in detail

◉ Law and order

◉ All official learning objectives

◉ Learning objectives/questions/exam are solely available in German

Function vary, content:

Overview of the fish - and forms of most cancers:

◉ A portrait of 27 native fish: characteristics and life-style, linked to the suitable bait and fishing strategies - crayfish species in Switzerland

◉ endangered and guarded fish species

Technology Equipment:

◉ an important bait: pure and artificial bait

◉ the most common knots with instructions

◉ fishing gear: rods, reels, hooks and accessories

◉ Fishing methods: peg fishing, backside fishing, spin fishing, tip fishing, fly fishing, hegen fishing and boat fishing with the respective really helpful equipment


◉ Fish lore: Species lore, traits, kind and performance, respiration and circulatory system, skin and scales, sense organs

◉ Crustaceans and mussels: native and non-native kinds of crabs, massive and small mussels, way of life and reproduction

◉ Habitat: forms of water our bodies, water layers, fish areas - Protection of species: Protected and endangered species, causes of endangerment, protecting measures

◉ the responsible fisherman: ethics Ko dex, truthful handling, choice of place and drill, measuring, removing hooks, beautiful, skilled killing, wise use - fish ailments: recognition and classification of diseases, non-pathogen-related and pathogen-related illnesses, persistent poisoning, kidney disease, pike tapeworm, saprolegnia, measures


◉ Federal Constitution

◉ Federal Law on Fisheries

◉ Cantonal laws

◉ Water and nature conservation

◉ Animal Welfare

Training for the SaNa ID card and the Swiss Sportfischer Brevet:

◉ Training mode: Learn all a hundred and forty official examination questions with an intelligent learning status perform.

◉ Exam mode: Learning like on the examination (70 randomly selected questions)

Important: To be admitted to the examination, the brochure Swiss Sportfischer Brevet have to be bought. Further info can be discovered at

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