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Study BibleStudy BibleStudy BibleStudy BibleStudy BibleStudy BibleStudy Bible

This study Bible has achieved the best gross sales among the many research references for the Bible, as it has been translated from the NIV Study Bible into many languages.

In this Arabic version I use the biblical textual content to translate the Book of Life, which is a translation of the guide The Holy Bible in Contemporary Arabic.

Study material and explanations have been prepared by a gaggle of conservative contemporary Bible students acclaimed for their data.

The Study Bible additionally includes useful modern comprehensive notes that are easy to make use of, and the guide is a whole library A reference for studying the Bible.

This guide is used by greater than six million students around the globe in several languages.

This program includes:

- More than 20,000 notes Commentary and examine materials.

- Comprehensive research of 900 biblical characters.

- 16 pages of shade maps.

- Hundreds of tables, maps, graphs and illustrations.

- Introductions and comprehensive studies of the historic and cultural backgrounds of the totally different sections of the book

- The Bible.

- Practical notes helpful for private life.

- It additionally consists of appendices. And classified indexes for subjects, comments and the top Mother.

Program features:

- Browse the textual content of the book and the interpretation in one window

- Enjoy the audiobook of life

- Display the verses in an enjoyable means

- You can search for any phrase or verse within the guide

- Write your personal notes

- Ability to browse tables and maps

- Show proof The writing next to the verses

- Increase and reduce the textual content

- Color your favourite verses

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