Go Game - BadukPop

Go Game - BadukPop

By BadukPop Go (CorePlane Inc.)

Go Game - BadukPopGo Game - BadukPopGo Game - BadukPopGo Game - BadukPopGo Game - BadukPop

This app is for Go gamers of any level, from newbie to professional.

Learn the rules of the traditional board game Go (囲碁) - also called Baduk (바둑) or Weiqi (圍棋) - with a fun, interactive tutorial. Sharpen your Go expertise with daily random Go issues (Tsumego) at your choice of issue. Play Go in opposition to a big selection of AI opponents, every with its own distinctive enjoying fashion and energy. Enjoy correspondence video games with your mates, and problem other players across the world!

• Includes over 4,500 Go problems (Tsumego) curated by professional Go players

• Play with quirky AI opponents ranging in strength from 20 Kyu (beginner) to 7 Dan (professional)

• Compete with players around the globe on the web Go leaderboard

• Improve your Go and Tsumego knowledge with interactive Go lessons

• Track your progress with a personalized leaderboard for you and your friends


• Includes a spread of totally interactive lessons from newbie to advanced level

• Learn the essential guidelines of Go in just some minutes

• Get familiar with Go issues with step-by-step beginner lessons

• Dig deeper into Go techniques like eye shapes, Ko, and absence of liberties

• Master advanced methods for Tsumego problems like under-the-stones Tesuji and multi-step Ko


• Play Life and Death, Tesuji, or Endgame problems

• Rated mode tracks your skill stage automatically

• When you answer correctly, your rating rises and you face harder problems

• If you make errors, your rating falls and you will get simpler problems

• Use Practice mode to strive Tsumego issues at your individual selection of difficulty

• Global leaderboard shows prime gamers by Tsumego score and problem practice points


• Play Go on boards up to 19x19 with a variety of AI opponents

• Includes weaker opponents for new Go players to apply with

• Also includes a full-power neural-network AI that performs at human professional level


• Use Automatch to immediately play towards a Go opponent close to your own talent level

• Play correspondence video games with your folks on any board size: 9x9, 13x13, or 19x19!

• Scoring is fully computerized, using advanced Go AI. There is no need to mark stones manually.


I at all times needed to be taught to play Go and never discovered a time for it. Then after watching the documentary AlphaGo, I went looking out and found this great app. The classes and puzzles had been exactly what I hoped to search out. This app has turned out to be exactly what I needed to help begin my journey in Go. Thank you.

Fun app, and excellent for studying this fascinating recreation. Thanks developers.

It's the most effective app for Go that I've seen thus far.

Terms of Service: https://badukpop.com/terms

Questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] Happy Go practice!

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