Corecraft - Pixel Invaders

Corecraft - Pixel Invaders

By Retro Principles

Corecraft - Pixel InvadersCorecraft - Pixel InvadersCorecraft - Pixel InvadersCorecraft - Pixel InvadersCorecraft - Pixel Invaders

Corecraft is a revolutionary reinvention of the classical Shoot ‘Em Up Games. Fully bodily simulated and complex modular spacecrafts (Corecrafts). Every Level performs differently and has an evil endboss waiting for you at the end!

Build your personal Corecraft (modular spacecraft) and blow you enemies in pieces! Find the most effective tactic to annihilate Corecrafts, manufactured from as a lot as hundrets of modules!

You determine if you would like to build a small, agile but fragile fighter or a heavy tank. The potentialities are countless...


■ Customizable module spacecrafts (Corecraft)

■ Intuitive physic-based Gameplay

■ Retro HD pixel visuals

■ Simple one touch controls, straightforward to be taught and difficult to grasp.

■ 35 rigorously designed, non repetitive Levels.

■ Challenging quests for additional rewards.

■ Leaderboards, brag about your Highscore!

■ Uncanny Soundtrack explodes your mind!

■ one hundred pc Indie made by German game builders, by avid gamers for players. 3


□ Winner (2nd Place) - Big Indie Pitch GamesCom Germany 2016

□ Nominated - Best Mobile Game Casual Connect Los Angeles 2017

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