The Witch #39;s Forest - Epic War

The Witch #39;s Forest - Epic War

By Toward Inc.

The Witch #39;s Forest - Epic WarThe Witch #39;s Forest - Epic WarThe Witch #39;s Forest - Epic WarThe Witch #39;s Forest - Epic WarThe Witch #39;s Forest - Epic War

Unique type of Indie game, never seen earlier than.

Casual RPG to grow the world tree!

Feel free to play for so lengthy as you want.

Black Forest Epic War!

The forest was stunning and tranquil due to the World Tree and the witch, the sources of magic.

One day, the world tree started to burn because of an unknown energy.

The witch, the guardian of the forest, misplaced her energy, and the forest became contaminated.

Owing to the Light Sprite's sacrifice, the world tree began to sprout once more, and the witch woke up.

Grow the World Tree to recover the magic energy to purify the forest with the witch and reveal the mysterious power!

Explore the forest, acquire sprites of nature, empower and improve them, fight monsters, and crush them. Save and recuperate the World Tree.

In this epic fantasy idle sport, you're taking a job as a witch, as a commander of the army, as a keeper of the forest, fight monsters and purify the world.

■ Game Description

1. Collect spirits to revive the world's magic.

2. Explore the forest and gather varied items.

3. Upgrade and craft gear to strengthen your witch.

4. Purify the forest by defeating monsters.

5. Quick and simple clicker battles.

6. Decorate your witch with beautiful and unique hairstyles and wings.

7. Conquer the mysterious tower to disclose the supply of your power.

※ We do not acquire or use personal info.

※ Caution: Offline game

- All data is stored solely on your gadget, so please use the cloud save.

- You can set the cloud save manually in the preferences of the sport.

- You can load the cloud saved information only once at the first launch of the game.

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